Step into Weimar Berlin, a time of cabaret and jazz music, and so much more…

Berlin Vertigo

Berlin Vertigo is the first book in the trilogy, a historical mystery set in 1928. This bold evocation of an era, with an engaging cast of characters, will transport you into the beating heart of the modern metropolis. It is a story of love and friendship, subterfuge and betrayal, all described in beautiful language — with a surprising twist in the tale.

What readers of Berlin Vertigo are saying:

“A very compelling book that had me interested from the start. It’s a very well written story about a range of characters who live in the Berlin and Potsdam district of pre-war Germany. I read through the book quickly and was impressed by the twist and turns. I’ll definitely be buying the next book in the series. Excellent!” ★★★★★ recent reviewer

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Berlin Vertigo novel front cover
Vanished in Berlin novel cover

Vanished in Berlin

Told from the intimate perspective of two young sweethearts caught between love and survival, Vanished in Berlin is an immersive and evocative suspense set in the seething brew of 1930s Germany. In a tale full of remarkable twists and unexpected turns, the question of whether the two sweethearts will ever see – or trust – each other again will have you turning page after page.

What readers of Vanished in Berlin are saying:

“I loved this book. With richly drawn characters, a peek into the world of Berlin art and a plot full of suspense I found I was gripped until the very last page.” ★★★★★ recent reviewer

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Berlin Vengeance

Berlin Vengeance is the third part of the trilogy.

Out in summer 2021.

Berlin Vengeance novel cover

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