Christopher P Jones, writer and artist, in Venice

My name is Christoper P Jones, and I am a writer and artist.

I was born in the West Midlands, England, and I currently live in Leamington Spa. After studying Philosophy and Mathematics at university, I spent a several years travelling and painting, and during that time nurtured ambitions of becoming an artist.

I came to cherish the works of Paul Klee, Jacques-Louis David, George Grosz, Juan Gris, Jannis Kounellis, Lotte Laserstein, Christian Schad, Fra Angelico, and Otto Dix, to name a few. In my mid-twenties I returned to education, studying an MA in Art History.

Christoper P Jones writer

My dissertation focused on fifteenth century Italian fresco painting, in particular, the role of depicted prayer gestures in the meanings of the fresco art of the Franciscan and Dominican Orders.

I have since published writing about art and culture, and regularly contribute to art, travel, history and creativity on Medium where I have been awarded ‘top writer’ in art, ideas, inspiration, history, travel and creativity. My collected Medium articles can be seen at Thinksheet magazine.

I started taking fiction writing more seriously in my early thirties, and since then have written many short stories and a couple of draft novel manuscripts. I have published in the excellent Firewords Magazine, a UK based quarterly journal of creative fiction. My short story Meteors has featured in their pages and will shortly be recorded in their podcast as an audio recording.

I am a member of the LSA (Leamington Studio Artists) and have written for their excellent quarterly magazine Artspace.

I am also an artist, painting mainly in oils and watercolours. My artwork can be seen here: http://chrisjonespaints.co.uk/

I am a member of Impact Hub Birmingham, a lively collective of artists, social change-makers and entrepreneurs attempting to make a positive difference in the communities of the Midlands. You can read more about my experiences of being part of Impact Hub here.

As far as official qualifications go, I hold an MSc in Art History and a BA (Hons) in Mathematics & Philosophy.

I have been lucky enough to enjoy many travels, including trips across Russia and Siberia, China, Japan, Europe and the USA. Recently I went to the beautiful island of Mauritius. Over the past few years, I’ve also been visiting many of the islands of Greece, and admiring the writings of Lawrence Durrell (Bitter Lemons, Prospero’s Cell) in the process.


I am happy to be contacted for writing commissions, requests or proposals, or is you just want to say hello. I am actively seeking new opportunities in the fields of art criticism and art history, so please do no hesitate to contact me on these fronts.

Email: chris@chrisjoneswrites.co.uk
Phone: +44 7743 403 265
Twitter: @cjoneswrites
Medium: @chrisjones_32882
Painting website: chrisjonespaints.co.uk

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