Christoper P Jones writer

My name is Christoper P Jones, and I am a writer and artist.

Art Critic

I review art exhibitions, specialising in modern and contemporary art. I am the London Art Critic for Riot Material magazine, a print and web arts journal. A selection of recent reviews include:

Peter Doig Spearfish (Red Moon), 2019, (detail)

Peter Doig: Corrosion And Other Maladies In Peter Doig’s Latest, Paintings

Lee Krasner, Icarus, 1964 (detail)

Lee Krasner: The Formidable And Innovative Lee Krasner

Tracey Emin It was all too Much 2018 (detail)

Tracey Emin: A Fortnight of Tears

I write art-themed essays on a range of topics, including:

Should Museums Return Artifacts To Their Original Countries?

Algorithms Are A Long Way From Making Great Art

How Digital Changes the Nature of Original Art

Art Historian

I write articles and essays on art history, including:

A Bar at the Folies-Bergère (1882) by Édouard Manet (detail)

A Beginner’s Guide to Art History

Madonna in the Meadow (1505–1506), by Raphael (detail)

How Raphael Composed His Paintings

Composition No. III, with red, blue, yellow and black (1929), by Piet Mondrian (detail)

Abstract Art Reconsidered

My particular areas of interest are 20th century German Expressionism, 19th century French art, and contemporary painting. I am currently working on an idiosyncratic guide to the National Gallery, London.

Cultural Critic

I publish art and cultural criticism and I have awarded “top writer” in art, ideas, inspiration, history, travel and creativity on Medium where I regularly publish. My collected Medium articles can be seen at Thinksheet magazine.

I write about contemporary culture, covering such topics as social media, travel and philosophy:

The Netflix Effect

Social Media and the Digital Gaze

When Our Heroes Fall (On Michael Jackson and narratives of condemnation)

Practicing Artist

For the past twenty or so years, I have been a practicing artist working mainly in oils and sometimes in watercolour. I have a separate website for my paintings.


Contact me for commissions or general enquiries at chris@chrisjoneswrites.co.uk